Moonstone Engagement Rings

14k Rose Gold Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring


This Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring features intricate carvings in the band, resembling curved vines, adorned with moissanite accents, creating an artistic piece.

Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Rose gold


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Diamond cluster ring Rose gold engagement ring art deco Bridal Promise ring gift for her

Yellow gold Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring Anniversary Promise Ring


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage yellow gold Diamond Cluster engagement ring Unique Half eternity wedding Anniversary promise ring

Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique White gold


Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique engagement ring White gold Antique Opal engagement ring Anniversary promise ring

White Gold Round Cut Leaf Shaped Moonstone Promise Ring


The ring boasts an intricate design resembling entwined vines, adorned with leaves and gemstone accents, creating this exquisite Moonstone Promise Ring.

Unique Round Cut White Gold Moonstone Ring


The band of this White Gold Moonstone Ring is smooth, accentuating the embedded gemstone, while the delicate prong setting expertly safeguards the shimmering center gem.

Vintage Oval Cut Moonstone Promise Ring in Rose Gold


The Moonstone Promise Ring, intricately set with moissanite clusters on either side of the main stone, boasts a simple yet elegant design.

Unique Oval Cut White Gold Moonstone Ring Art Deco


This distinctive White Gold Moonstone Ring is designed with an oval-carved band, featuring an intricate hollow pattern that surrounds the main stone.

Unique Moonstone Engagement Ring Vintage Rose Gold Bridal Anniversary Promise Ring


Unique Moonstone engagement ring vintage rose gold engagement ring cluster Pear shaped Moissanite Wedding Bridal Anniversary promise ring

Moonstone Engagement Ring Vintage Yellow Gold Wedding Bridal Anniversary Promise Ring


Moonstone engagement ring vintage gold Unique Diamond cluster ring oval cut engagement ring wedding Bridal Anniversary promise ring

Unique Moonstone Engagement Ring Rose Gold Women Halo Flower Ring


Unique Moonstone engagement ring Vintage Halo ring rose gold engagement ring women flower ring Marquise Moissanite Bridal Anniversary ring

Moonstone, known for its otherworldly iridescence, takes center stage in our collection of Moonstone Engagement Rings. Each ring features a handpicked moonstone, nestled amidst diamonds, in intricate settings. Their ethereal glow reflects the luminous connection between two souls.

Moonstone Engagement Rings FAQs

What Is Moonstone? Moonstone is a distinctive gem renowned for its glistening appearance reminiscent of the gentle light of the moon. It is commonly regarded as a symbol of intuition, equilibrium, affection, and fecundity. Many cultures believe it brings good luck and supports inner growth, as well as strengthening spiritual bonds. Are moonstone engagement rings suitable for everyday wear? Moonstone engagement rings, although relatively durable, are softer compared to diamonds. While suitable for everyday wear, it is essential to handle them with care to prevent scratches and damage from potential impact or abrasion. Avoiding activities that may subject the ring to unnecessary roughness will help preserve its enchanting beauty over time. How much do moonstone engagement rings usually cost? A moonstone engagement ring will cost around $500 but can vary in price. For a quality appearance, expect to spend at least $100. Some moonstone engagement rings cost thousands. How to Care for Moonstone Engagement Ring? Caring for a moonstone engagement ring involves gentle cleaning with mild soap and warm water, avoiding extreme temperatures, storing it separately, regularly inspecting for damage, and handling it delicately to prevent any chips or breakage. Following these steps will help maintain the allure and beauty of your moonstone engagement ring over time. How to tell if a moonstone engagement ring is real or fake? To determine the authenticity of a moonstone engagement ring, consider these key factors. Assess the stone's adularescence, a unique phenomenon where the light scatters across the surface, creating a captivating glow. Genuine moonstones may also display natural inclusions or imperfections, indicating their natural origin. Perform a scratch test on a small, inconspicuous area using a steel nail or coin, as moonstones are softer than most imitations and may show signs of scratching. Which metal and setting is suitable for moonstone engagement rings Moonstone engagement rings are often complemented by metals such as sterling silver, white gold, and rose gold, which enhance the stone's natural iridescence. Bezel settings offer excellent protection, while prong settings with rounded tips secure the stone and allow optimal light reflection, showcasing its unique shimmer. These choices ensure both the beauty and durability of the moonstone for everyday wear.