Opal Engagement Rings

Step into a world of enchantment with Amanda's Opal Engagement Rings. Each ring in this collection is a masterpiece, a celebration of love and the kaleidoscope of emotions it entails. Opals, with their ethereal play of colors, symbolize the ever-changing facets of a deep, passionate connection. Indulge in opulence, with opals set amidst fine metals, a testimony to your unique love story. Amanda's Opal Engagement Rings are an artistic reflection of your devotion and the promise of an enduring, colorful journey.

Opal Engagement Rings FAQs

What Are Opals? Opals are created in the dry season after seasonal rains in places like Australia. Trapped rainwater evaporates in sedimentary rock layers, leaving behind silica deposits. No wonder the aborigines saw them as gifts from the creator after a visit from a rainbow. While their appearance is similar to a rainbow, opals are made of hydrated amorphous silica and usually 6% to 10% water. These tiny pieces of silica are what make the appearance of moving color in an opal. How to Care for an Opal Engagement Ring? Opals need extra care. They need to be kept away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. They are also prone to chipping and breaking. Remove your opal ring when exercising or doing chores or labor. Always take opal pieces to a jeweler for professional cleaning. How to Tell if an Opal Ring Is Real or Fake There are two ways people replicate opals. They create them in a lab. Or they glue a smaller chunk of opal onto a backing and caps the stone with glass or quartz (called a triplet or doublet).When you look at the side profile of your ring, you shouldn’t see layers. Layers would tell you the stone is a triplet or doublet. It can be hard to tell.Lab-created opals are even more difficult to recognize. By obtaining a “certificate of authenticity” from your jeweler, you won’t have to worry.It’s worth noting that synthetic opals are more durable than natural opals. What Does the Opal Engagement Ring Symbolize? Opal as an engagement ring choice symbolizes a couple's devotion and inspires lovers to celebrate each day together anew. The October birthstone, opal gemstones also mark a 14th wedding anniversary. Are Opals Suitable for Engagement Rings? Opals make great engagement rings. Our caveat, they are delicate and can break and scratch easily. How Much Do Opal Engagement Rings Usually Cost? Quality opal engagement rings can cost as little as $400 and as much as $2,000 USD. You can contact us according to your budget and we will recommend you. Are There Variations of Color in Opals? Opals come in different body tones. The most popular body tones are white and black. Some very special opals are even blue. How Long Do Opal Engagement Rings Last? A lifetimeBut, what many do not know is that Opal is quite soft, making it not the right choice of engagement ring for everyone. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to caring for this soft gem which will help it last for a lifetime. There are also harder gem options that give a similar look to Opal! Who Should Wear Opal Ring? According to traditional birthstone beliefs, individuals born in October month can wear opal to enhance their luck, and suppress obstructions, and personal characteristics. Zodiac Sign: Opal is strongly associated with the zodiac sign Libra (September 23 – October 22) and is considered a lucky stone for Librans.