Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Pear Shaped Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Vintage Pear Shaped Lab Alexandrite engagement ring Rose Gold Unique engagement ring Marquise cut Bridal ring promise Anniversary gift for her

Pear Shaped Natural Moss Agate Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Pear shaped Moss agate engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Diamond cluster ring Rose gold engagement ring art deco Bridal Promise ring gift for her

Vintage Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring Rose Gold


This Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring features a breathtaking design with leaf-shaped engravings on the band, resembling vines encircling the main stone.

Unique Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring


Pear shaped moissanite engagement ring with moissanite on the band and two metal elements wrapped around the main stone like a vine.

14k Rose Gold Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring


The vintage moissanite engagement ring is intricately designed with a band adorned with moissanite, intricate openwork, and exudes vintage elegance.

Unique 14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Pear Shaped Alexandrite Engagement Ring boasts a twisted band design with interwoven metals, adorned with moissanite, showcasing the allure of the ring.

Pear Shaped Alexandrite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Cluster Bridal Ring Anniversary Promise Gift


Pear Shaped Alexandrite engagement ring Rose Gold Vintage Marquise cut Moissanite/Diamond ring cluster engagement ring Bridal ring Anniversary Promise gift

Pear Shaped Moss Agate Engagement Ring Vintage Yellow Gold


Pear shaped Moss agate engagement ring Vintage Yellow gold Moissanite ring Unique Halo Cluster Diamond Wedding ring Art deco Bridal ring

Pear Shaped Morganite Engagement Ring Rose Gold Half Eternity Diamond Bridal Ring


Pear shaped Morganite engagement ring rose gold vintage halo engagement ring women Unique Half eternity diamond Bridal Anniversary gift

Pear Shaped Cluster Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Sparkling moissanite surrounds this  created lab emerald engagement ring, with pear-cut emeralds bursting with life! The small band looks even more stylish!

Pear Shaped Cluster Tanzanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring


This Tanzanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring features a classic prong setting for the center gem, with moissanite accents highlighting its natural elegance.

At Amanda, we embrace the uniqueness of love with our Pear Cut Engagement Rings. Each ring is a masterpiece, a testament to individuality and grace. The pear cut, with its elegant blend of round and marquise shapes, symbolizes the union of two distinct journeys into one harmonious love story. Celebrate the beauty of your unique connection with Amanda's Pear Cut Engagement Rings. Explore the fusion of artistry and devotion, where every ring echoes the essence of your extraordinary love.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

What Is a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring? Pear-shaped diamonds are a combination of round and marquise diamonds. This teardrop shape can be worn down (towards your wrist) or facing up (towards your fingernails) allowing you to create different looks with the ring. Most people wear their pear engagement ring with the point facing towards their fingernails. How Do You Choose the Right Pear Ring? When selecting the right pear ring, consider the stone's quality, ensuring it has excellent symmetry and minimal blemishes. Assess the ring's setting, opting for one that securely holds the stone while allowing ample light to enhance its sparkle. Additionally, consider the wearer's style and personality, choosing a design that complements their individual preferences and lifestyle. Why Are Pear Engagement Rings so Popular? Pear-shaped stones have become increasingly more popular with couples since they stand out more than other diamond shapes. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Paris Hilton, and Kaley Cuoco have all been given pear-cut engagement rings, which has made them even more popular. What Are the Advantages of a Pear Cut? Pear cut rings exhibit an elegant look and distinctive design, making fingers appear longer and showcasing exceptional brilliance. What Are the Common Styles of Pear Cut Engagement Rings? Common styles include single stone pear cut rings, pear cut rings with accent gemstones, and multi-stone rings with varying sizes of pear cut diamonds. On What Occasions Is a Pear Cut Ring Suitable? Pear cut rings are suitable for engagement or wedding rings, offering a unique and memorable choice due to their distinctive appearance. How Do You Maintain a Pear Cut Engagement Ring? Mild cleansers and a soft brush can be used to clean a pear cut engagement ring. Regularly check the setting to ensure the diamond is secure and prevent it from getting loose. What Are the Recommended Diamond Cut Proportions for a Pear Cut Engagement Ring? Generally, the ideal length-to-width ratio for a pear cut ranges from 1.50 to 1.75, ensuring the diamond displays its best visual appeal.