Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Vintage Yellow Gold Alexandrite Engagement Ring Princess Cut


The Yellow Gold Alexandrite Engagement Ring features leaf-shaped engravings, a hollow design in the yellow gold band, and is adorned with green gemstones.

Rose Gold Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring features a bezel setting with the combination of Alexandrite and moissanite, radiating a dazzling brilliance.

Vintage Lab Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring features a bezel setting with moissanite accents on both sides, offering a simple and stylish design.

Princess Cut Alexandrite Engagement Ring Yellow Gold Bridal Promise Anniversary Delicate Ring


Princess cut Lab Alexandrite engagement ring yellow gold Unique Diamond Cluster engagement ring vintage Bridal Promise Anniversary delicate ring

At Amanda, we invite you to step into a world of regal love with our Princess Cut Engagement Rings. Each ring is a testament to timeless elegance, capturing the essence of your fairytale romance. The princess cut, with its square shape and brilliant facets, symbolizes a love story fit for royalty. Indulge in the allure of majestic love with Amanda's Princess Cut Engagement Rings. Your journey into forever begins with a touch of magic and a crown of diamonds.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

Is Princess Cut Good for Engagement Rings? A princess cut is an excellent choice for a diamond, which is why they are the second most popular diamond cut in engagement rings. They are especially brilliant cuts, with a variation of cutting styles to either maximize the fire or brilliance of the gem. What Are the Benefits of a Princess Cut Ring? Princess-cut diamonds are a cost-effective option for engagement rings since the shape of the diamond is already similar to the shape of the rough diamond it is cut from. Therefore, less diamond is wasted by gem cutters. However, princess-cut diamonds have the potential to appear smaller than their counterparts. What Is the Significance of Princess Cut? The crisp, sharp lines of a princess cut diamond perfectly symbolize a modern, edgy personality, with a touch of trendiness and fashionable flair. This bold shape is also ideal for a strong, bold leader, but has a hint of flirtiness as well. What Is a Princess Cut Engagement Ring? A princess cut engagement ring features a square or rectangular shape with sparkling facets, combining the brilliance of a round diamond with a modern, geometric silhouette. Are Princess Cut Diamonds as Brilliant as Round Cut Diamonds? Yes, princess cut diamonds are renowned for their exceptional brilliance, characterized by their precise faceting and stunning fire, often rivaling the brilliance of round cut diamonds. What Are the Best Settings to Highlight the Beauty of a Princess Cut Engagement Ring? Prong settings and channel settings are popular choices for princess cut diamonds as they secure the stone while allowing maximum light to enhance its brilliance. How Do I Select the Ideal Band Style to Complement a Princess Cut Diamond? A simple, sleek band can accentuate the modern elegance of a princess cut diamond, while a pavé band or side stone accents can add extra sparkle and allure. Can I Customize a Princess Cut Engagement Ring to Suit My Specific Preferences? Yes, Amanda offers customisation options where you can choose the metal type, setting style and other embellishments to create a unique, personalised oval cut engagement ring. What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond over Other Fancy Shapes? Princess cut diamonds often offer a contemporary yet timeless look, combining the brilliance of a round cut with a distinctive square or rectangular shape, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of classic and modern aesthetics. Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings Suitable for Everyday Wear? Yes, princess cut engagement rings are designed to be durable and are suitable for everyday wear. It is essential to periodically inspect the setting to ensure the diamond remains secure.