Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Cluster Tanzanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring


This Tanzanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring features a classic prong setting for the center gem, with moissanite accents highlighting its natural elegance.

Unique Pavé Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring Rose gold


The emerald cut Tanzanite ring is gracefully encircled by two Möbius bands, with pave moissanite adorning the band, showcasing a unique and enchanting radiance.

Oval Cut Cluster Rose Gold Tanzanite Ring


The modest band, with a cluster setting securing the gems on both sides, adds style and classic elegance to the Rose Gold Tanzanite Ring.

Emerald Cut Tanzanite Engagement Ring Vintage Rose Gold


Emerald cut Tanzanite engagement ring Vintage Rose gold moissanite ring stacking Bridal ring Anniversary gift Promise ring

Tanzanite Engagement Rings FAQs

What Is Tanzanite? Tanzanite is a sub-variety of the mineral zoisite that occurs only in the East African country of Tanzania. The semiprecious gemstone is characterized by a radiant blue-violet hue. What Does a Tanzanite Engagement Ring Symbolize? An exquisite choice for an engagement ring, tanzanite is an elegant option for modern brides who wish to showcase their style in a distinctive way. Representative of new beginnings, a tanzanite engagement ring makes a stunning symbol of the special bond you and your partner share as you begin your next adventure in love. A secondary December birthstone, it also marks an 8th, 24th or 26th wedding anniversary. Is tanzanite OK for an engagement ring? Over the past couple years, Tanzanite Engagement Rings have been becoming more and more popular. This stone from Tanzania has become one of the favorites for women. Overall, gemstone engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding rings have been the choice to use over Diamonds in recent years and it continues to grow. Can Tanzanite Be Worn Every Day? Yes, you can wear tanzanite jewelry every day (if need be) but with utmost care from your end. Remember, this jewel exhibits perfect cleavage, which indicates its tendency to getting chipped or damaged if it receives a sharp blow. What to Look for When Buying a Tanzanite Ring? Fine tanzanite's strong pleochroism and intense violet-to-blue face up colors help identify the gem and provide a large part of its value. Paler colors are more commonly found and less valued. Eye visible inclusions also cause a drop in value. What is the Significance of Tanzanite in Engagement Culture? Tanzanite is believed to symbolize new beginnings, deep spiritual connections, and emotional healing. Incorporating Tanzanite into an engagement ring signifies a unique and profound bond between two individuals. How to Choose the Ideal Tanzanite Shape for an Engagement Ring? Tanzanite is available in various shapes, including oval, round, pear, and emerald cuts. Consider personal preferences, finger shape, and style when selecting the perfect Tanzanite shape for an engagement ring. Are Custom Tanzanite Engagement Rings Expensive? The price of a custom tanzanite engagement ring varies depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of the tanzanite used. Please discuss your budget and design ideas with a skilled jeweler to find the right option. Welcome to Amanda's customization service! Can Tanzanite Engagement Rings Be Paired with Wedding Bands? Yes, Tanzanite engagement rings can be beautifully paired with matching or complementary wedding bands. Choose bands that accentuate the elegance of the Tanzanite stone while reflecting your personal style and preferences.