Pave Engagement Rings

Yellow gold Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring Anniversary Promise Ring


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage yellow gold Diamond Cluster engagement ring Unique Half eternity wedding Anniversary promise ring

Unique Oval Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Two Möbius rings elegantly wrap around the Lab Emerald Engagement Ring, while pave moissanite delicately adorns the band, creating a distinctive appeal.

Unique 14K Rose Gold Pear Shaped Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Original price was: $320.00.Current price is: $262.50.

The Pear Shaped Alexandrite Engagement Ring boasts a twisted band design with interwoven metals, adorned with moissanite, showcasing the allure of the ring.

Vintage Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring Art Deco Halo Unique Bridal Promise Ring

Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $388.50.

Oval Moissanite engagement ring Vintage Solid gold engagement ring Art deco Diamond Halo ring Unique Half eternity Bridal Promise ring

Emerald Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Exuding chic sophistication, this lab emerald engagement ring features a delicate band adorned with complementary moissanite gemstones.

Unique Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Moissanite Engagement Ring

Original price was: $413.00.Current price is: $325.50.

Pear shaped moissanite engagement ring with moissanite on the band and two metal elements wrapped around the main stone like a vine.

Vintage Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Alexandrite Ring


The Pear Shaped Alexandrite Ring showcases a 6*8mm Alexandrite with a tightly set design, adorned with sparkling Moissanite stones that fill the setting.

Oval Cut Antique Cluster Yellow Gold Alexandrite Ring


The Yellow Gold Alexandrite Ring features a 6*8mm Oval Alexandrite with a band adorned with round Moissanite stones, designed with a closely set pattern.

AMANDAFINEJEWELRY Oval Cut Moissanite White Gold Engagement Ring

Original price was: $457.00.Current price is: $355.95.

Oval Moissanite engagement ring white gold Vintage engagement ring women Half eternity micro pave ring wedding Promise ring Anniversary gift

Pear Shape Lab Alexandrite Halo Engagement Ring Pave Ring


Pear Shape Lab Alexandrite Halo Engagement Ring combines a large pear shape stone with a ring arm small diamonds, whole style is simple and atmosphere.

White Gold Oval Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring With Pavé Wedding Band


The White Gold Oval Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring pairs large moissanite with small moissanite halo ring arms to highlight the beauty of moissanite.

At Amanda, we unveil a world of sophistication with our Pave Engagement Rings. Each ring is a testament to the art of craftsmanship, celebrating love's intricate beauty. Pave settings, with their delicate arrangement of diamonds, symbolize the shared moments and promises that illuminate a lifetime of love. Indulge in timeless elegance, with Amanda's Pave Engagement Rings. Let your love story shine as brilliantly as the diamonds that adorn it. Explore the fusion of art and affection, where your journey begins.

Pave Engagement Rings FAQs

What Is A Pavé Engagement Ring? A pavé engagement ring is a ring where the band is literally paved with dazzling diamonds. It gets its name from the French word for paved, meaning that Pavé engagement rings include bands that are completely or partially covered with smaller diamonds, set so close together to resemble a paved road. A pavé engagement ring can include one or multiple rows of these diamond bands. Why Choose a Pavé Engagement Ring? First of all, from the standpoint of aesthetic value, pavé settings greatly increase the beauty of a piece of jewelry — that’s a given. The good thing is, it doesn’t necessarily increase the price significantly. The cost of many small diamonds will be much lower than the cost of a single stone of equivalent weight to the total carat weight of the pave. This means that if you choose the right ring, you will be getting more for your money. What Should You Look for When Choosing a Pavé Ring? When choosing your pavé engagement ring, it is important to remember a few things. It’s all in the details. In addition to traditional pavé bands, hidden details such as pavé halos can add sparkle and support to your center stone. There are also different styles of pavé engagement rings. Keep an eye out for micropavé and petite pavé, among others. How to Care for My Pavé Engagement Ring? Caring for your pavé engagement ring is important, especially because of its delicate nature. Follow the steps below to keep your perfect pavé rings sparkling. Always remove your ring before possibly harmful activities Keep it clean (Do it yourself or get it professionally cleaned) Consider an annual check up to make sure the settings are secure What Is the Difference Between a Pavé Engagement Ring and a Solitaire Engagement Ring? Pavé engagement rings include a partial or full band of small diamonds set in a pattern meant to resemble a paved street and the center diamond. A solitaire engagement ring focuses solely on the center diamond. What Metals Are Typically Used to Make Pavé Engagement Rings? Pavé engagement rings, similar to engagement rings generally, typically come in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Are Pavé Settings More Expensive Than Other Settings? Pavé settings will usually cost more than a solitaire setting. However considering the extra level of sparkle pave settings add to your engagement ring, it is a small investment with a sizeable return. Can I Resize a Pavé Ring? Because of their design, pavé rings are very difficult to resize. Making any significant changes to the ring’s size can damage the small prongs that hold the pavé diamonds in place. If the prongs are significantly weakened, it’s possible for the small pavé diamonds to fall out of place. If the pavé diamonds are only set in a part of the ring, it’s sometimes possible for a skilled jeweler to make small adjustments to the ring’s size, such as making it a half size larger or smaller. What Are the Disadvantages of a Pavé Engagement Ring? While we love love love pavé engagement rings, we have to recognize there are some drawbacks. Their intricate design also means they are delicate, and the ring can snag. So you need to be more careful, which may require some future maintenance. Resizing can also be difficult with this setting, so do everything you can to get the right size the first time around.