Black Onyx Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Cluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring


This Black Onyx Engagement Ring features a classic prong setting for the center gem, with moissanite accents highlighting its natural elegance.

Emerald Cut Black Onyx Engagement Ring Vintage Yellow Gold Bridal Ring


Emerald cut Black Onyx engagement ring Vintage Yellow gold moissanite ring stacking ring Bridal ring Anniversary gift Promise ring

Delicate Oval Cut Cluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring


Mysterious and elegant, this Black Onyx Engagement Ring features an oval-cut black onyx at its center, surrounded by six radiant moissanites.

Emerald Cut Cluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring White Gold


This stunning Black Onyx Engagement Ring features shimmering small gemstones. The intricately designed band integrates seamlessly, exuding delicate elegance.

Embrace the allure of Black Onyx Engagement Rings, where each stone exudes timeless sophistication. The deep black hue symbolizes strength and resilience, making them the perfect choice for bold and sophisticated individuals. Meticulously crafted, they are a testament to your unique love story. Discover the charm of enduring elegance.

Black Onyx Engagement Rings FAQs

Which Metal Will Best Suit This Black Gem? The biggest benefit of black onyx is that it goes well with all the precious metals. When black onyx is set in white metals like platinum, white gold, and silver, it gives a monochrome look that you will love. And the combination of rose or yellow gold and this black gem is quite stunning and will surely draw attention every time. Is Black Onyx a Cursed Gem? Contrary to beliefs, black onyx is not a cursed gem. Like all other onyxes, the black-hued variety is also associated with several positive attributes. It is believed to protect the wearer from any harm and therefore worn as a talisman. Early Middle Easterners are said to have used onyx as a ‘worry stone’ which when rubbed between fingers helped overcome conflicting thoughts. Also, this gem is said to absorb negative energies, stress and promote emotional well-being. What Types of Settings Complement Black Onyx Engagement Rings? Settings such as bezel, prong, or halo settings can complement the beauty of a Black Onyx engagement ring. These settings can highlight the stone's elegance and provide the necessary protection for the gem. Does Black Onyx Ring Require Any Special Care or Maintenance? While Black Onyx is a durable gemstone, it is advisable to store it separately from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soapy water can help maintain its luster. Can Black Onyx Engagement Rings Be Worn with Other Gemstones? Black Onyx can be paired with other gemstones to create a striking contrast and add visual interest to the ring. Popular combinations include Black Onyx with diamonds or white sapphires for a sophisticated look. What Styles of Jewelry Pair Well with Black Onyx Engagement Rings? Black Onyx engagement rings often pair well with vintage-inspired or modern minimalist designs. They can complement both classic and contemporary styles, making them versatile for various fashion preferences. Is Black Onyx a Suitable Gemstone for an Engagement Ring? Yes, Black Onyx is an elegant gemstone choice for an engagement ring. Its unique color and luster add a distinctive charm to the engagement ring. What Is the Significance of a Black Onyx Engagement Ring? Black Onyx is considered to be a stone of energy, with special significance in providing protection and balancing energy. As an engagement ring, it symbolizes protection, resilience, and steadfast love. How Can You Identify Genuine Black Onyx Ring? Genuine Black Onyx typically has natural striations or blemishes that can be examined to identify its authenticity. Additionally, professional gemologists can also perform tests to authenticate it.