Ruby Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Cluster Lab Ruby Engagement Ring Vintage


Enhanced by six radiant moissanite stones resembling angelic wings embracing the ruby, this Lab Ruby Engagement Ring exudes timeless elegance and grace.

Rose Gold Round Cut Cluster Lab Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring


The use of cluster setting on both sides of the lab ruby, along with the simple band, forms this Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

Delicate Cluster Lab Oval Ruby Engagement Ring Rose Gold


The simple band, coupled with the use of cluster setting to secure the gems on both sides, lends a stylish and classic touch to the Oval Ruby Engagement Ring.

White Gold Pear Shaped Lab Unique Ruby Engagement Ring


This stunning white gold engagement ring features a pear-shaped lab ruby, with a leaf-shaped design that adds a unique touch. The art deco style of the ring makes it a perfect choice for a promise ring or anniversary gift.

At Amanda, we invite you to explore the depths of love with our Ruby Engagement Rings. Each ring is a work of art, a symbol of fiery passion and devotion. The ruby, with its rich red hue, embodies the intensity of love and the promise of a vibrant future together. Celebrate your love story with Amanda's Ruby Engagement Rings. Our rings are a fusion of artistry and romance, where your journey begins with the spark of a ruby's fire.

Ruby Engagement Rings FAQs

Are Rubies Good for Engagement Rings? Rubies are one of the most vivid and durable gemstones. While not as hard as diamonds, they are harder than other precious gemstones like emeralds. Therefore, rubies make for a good choice when it comes to engagement rings or anniversary rings. How to Clean a Ruby Ring? Ruby rings can be cleaned with a fine jewelry cleaner at home or with a small amount of non-abrasive dish soap and warm water. The best way to clean ruby jewelry is to work with a jeweler who can use ultrasonic and steam cleaning to ensure all the grease, grime and buildup from the ring is quickly removed. Which Finger Is a Ruby Ring Worn On? For those looking to purchase an engagement ring, ruby rings are worn on the ring finger on the left hand. For those looking for a statement, anniversary or right hand ring, ruby rings are typically worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand. Are Ruby Engagement Rings popular? Ruby engagement rings are a popular choice amongst couples who are looking to pop the question and get engaged. With its trademark bright red hue and undeniable beauty, a ruby is a fantastic choice, compared with its diamond counterpart and works incredibly well when set into an engagement ring. High quality rubies are always in high demand and are extremely expensive, thus making them the perfect choice as a piece of heirloom jewellery to be passed over for generations. What Does a Ruby Engagement Ring mean? Rubies mean many things, but the main meanings that represent this stone are love, happiness and passion, making them the perfect engagement ring to propose to someone special in your life. From a relationships standpoint, it’s believed that a ruby engagement ring will nurture love and passion within a relationship, as well as keep your marriage strong. Throughout history, legends have told us about how it was not just a gemstone, but a hardened fire that could set hearts aflame. The word ruby itself means “stone of nobility” and it’s thought that this bright red gemstone brings both peace and courage. What to Look for When Choosing a Ruby Engagement Ring? Rubies can be incredibly rare, and like all gemstones, there is a risk they are not being ethically sourced or mined in an environmentally friendly way. However, opting for a vintage ruby can help navigate this concern and ensure it’s environmentally friendly. With the rarity of rubies, finding significantly sized gemstones of good quality and clarity can be difficult, but there are many vintage options available, which can allow you to find a quality ruby with ease. Why Choose a Ruby Engagement Ring? A more unique option compared to the traditional mined diamond engagement ring, a ruby ring is a colourful and exclusive alternative, perfect for a partner who loves to be a little bit different. Ruby can hold significance for those born in July, but if you have another special date associated with this month such as an anniversary, or child's birthday, then this personal meaning could make it an option for you. Or if you just absolutely love the colour and symbolism of this stone then it makes for one of the most beautiful engagement ring choices. Can Rubies Be Worn All the Time? Rubies, known for their exceptional hardness, are well-suited for everyday wear. However, it's crucial to handle them with care to avoid any potential damage. Regular maintenance and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals will help preserve their vibrant color and ensure their long-lasting beauty for everyday use. How to Tell if My Ruby Is Real? Observing imperfections: Genuine rubies often have natural imperfections or tiny flaws that can be seen under magnification. Color and transparency: Look for a deep red color with rich vibrancy and some level of transparency, allowing light to pass through. Scratch test: Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones. Try scratching the surface with materials like glass or steel; a real ruby won't scratch easily.