Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring White Gold Anniversary Ring


Oval Moissanite engagement ring Vintage Diamond cluster ring White gold Marquise cut Wedding ring Unique Bridal Promise Anniversary ring

Vintage Anniversary Rose Gold Alexandrite Promise Ring


The Vintage Alexandrite Promise Ring features a 5*7mm Oval Alexandrite, with a Rose Gold band adorned with olive-shaped and round Moissanite stones on both sides.

Vintage Cluster White Gold Oval Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Alexandrite Engagement Ring features a 5*7mm oval-shaped Alexandrite, flanked by moissanites on both sides, set on a White Gold band.

Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Rose gold


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Diamond cluster ring Rose gold engagement ring art deco Bridal Promise ring gift for her

Cluster Oval Cut Yellow Gold Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Alexandrite Engagement Ring features a 5*7mm oval Alexandrite, with olive-shaped Moissanite stones set on both sides. The ring is crafted from Yellow Gold material.

Yellow gold Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring Anniversary Promise Ring


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage yellow gold Diamond Cluster engagement ring Unique Half eternity wedding Anniversary promise ring

Unique Oval Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Two Möbius rings elegantly wrap around the Lab Emerald Engagement Ring, while pave moissanite delicately adorns the band, creating a distinctive appeal.

Unique Flower Oval Cut Rose Gold Alexandrite Ring


The Rose Gold Alexandrite Ring features a 6*8mm Alexandrite surrounded by petal-carved metal and adorned with moissanite accents.

Vintage Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring Art Deco Halo Unique Bridal Promise Ring


Oval Moissanite engagement ring Vintage Solid gold engagement ring Art deco Diamond Halo ring Unique Half eternity Bridal Promise ring

AMANDAFINEJEWELRY Oval Cut Moissanite Gold Engagement Ring


The Oval Cut Moissanite Gold Engagement Ring is adorned with moissanite along both the band and the sides of the center stone, shimmering from every angle.

At Amanda, we present the epitome of grace and sophistication with our Oval Cut Engagement Rings. Each ring is a work of art, a testament to the elegance of love's timeless journey. The oval cut, with its classic allure, brings forth a sense of enduring beauty, capturing the essence of your devotion. Discover the harmony of tradition and modernity, as Amanda's Oval Cut Engagement Rings symbolize a union that transcends time. Embrace the eternal allure of love's perfect shape.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings FAQs

What Is an Oval Cut Engagement Ring? An oval cut engagement ring features a sparkling, elongated shape that blends the brilliance of a round diamond with the uniqueness of an elongated silhouette. Its elongated appearance can create the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. What Does Oval Cut Symbolize? Not quite a simple circle and lacking the harsh-lined pointedness of an edge, the oval stands as a sign of uniqueness and a zest for life. The term oval is derived from the latin words ov or ovum, which means egg. In ancient times—and even still today—the shape represents rebirth, fertility, and even immortality. What Is The Best Setting For an Oval Cut Ring? Prong settings and halo settings are popular choices for accentuating the beauty of an oval cut diamond, as they allow ample light to pass through and enhance the stone's brilliance. How Do I Choose the Best Band Style to Complement an Oval Cut Ring? A thin, delicate band can emphasize the elegance of the oval cut diamond, while a pavé or channel setting can add extra sparkle without overpowering the center stone. Are Oval Cut Engagement Rings Suitable for Everyday Wear? Yes, oval cut engagement rings are designed to be durable and are suitable for everyday wear. However, it is important to regularly inspect the setting to ensure the diamond remains secure. How Does the Length to Width Ratio Affect the Appearance of an Oval Ring? The length-to-width ratio influences the overall shape of the oval cut diamond. A higher ratio creates a more elongated appearance, while a lower ratio tends to produce a more rounded oval shape. Can I Customize an Oval Cut Engagement Ring to Suit My Specific Preferences? Yes, Amanda offers customisation options where you can choose the metal type, setting style and other embellishments to create a unique, personalised oval cut engagement ring.