Emerald Engagement Rings

Unique Oval Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Two Möbius rings elegantly wrap around the Lab Emerald Engagement Ring, while pave moissanite delicately adorns the band, creating a distinctive appeal.

Emerald Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Exuding chic sophistication, this lab emerald engagement ring features a delicate band adorned with complementary moissanite gemstones.

Rose Gold Emerald Cut Emerald Engagement Ring Bridal Promise Ring


Rose gold Emerald engagement ring Marquise cut Diamond butterfly engagement ring Bridal Promise ring Anniversary gift for her

Gorgeous Marquise Cut Lab Emerald Cluster Wedding Ring


Marquise Cut Lab Emerald Cluster Wedding Ring irregularly arranges the marquise-shaped lab emerald and white diamonds to form the shape of a leaf.

Yellow Gold Smooth Facet Emerald Art Deco Engagement Ring


The Smooth Facet Emerald Art Deco Engagement Ring consists of an oval emerald set in the middle of a golden butterfly wing to serve as the body of the butterfly. The shape is very creative.

Pear Shaped Cluster Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Sparkling moissanite surrounds this  created lab emerald engagement ring, with pear-cut emeralds bursting with life! The small band looks even more stylish!

Rose Gold Marquise Cut Lab Emerald Ring


The interlocking of two bands, adorned with moissanite accents and Marquise Cutting, imbues the Lab Emerald Ring with a vibrant and distinctive charm.

Rose Gold Kite Cut Lab Emerald Ring Unique


The interlocking of two bands, adorned with moissanite accents and kite-cutting, imbues the Lab Emerald Ring with a vibrant and distinctive charm.

Rose Gold Cluster Lab Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring


The platinum band, with cluster settings on both sides, beautifully accentuates the Pear Shaped Emerald Engagement Ring, exuding elegance.

Discover the allure of Emerald Engagement Rings, where each gemstone exudes timeless elegance. Their vibrant green hues symbolize growth and everlasting love. Meticulously crafted, these rings are a testament to your unique love story. Embrace the artistry of timeless elegance and enduring commitment.

Emerald Engagement Rings FAQs

Do Emeralds Scratch Easily? No. Contrary to popular belief, Emeralds are actually quite scratch resistant, being a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This means they are pretty durable for everyday wear! What is actually more important to understand about Emeralds is that many have extensive inclusions. Jewelers call these special Emerald inclusions its “jardin” (or its garden!). Emerald jardin is very normal, as Emeralds are a Type III stone (inclusions expected). Importantly, however, is that some of these inclusions may reach the surface. And, surface-reaching inclusions can make a stone vulnerable to chipping. So, by choosing a stone without (or without many) surface-reaching inclusions, your Emerald is not "too soft" to be an engagement ring! Can Emeralds Crack? Yes. Like all stones (yes, even diamonds!) Emeralds can crack or chip if struck. Because many Emeralds have surface-reaching inclusions, cracks can occur more easily. So, when choosing an emerald, make sure to look for a stone with no (or only minor) surface-reaching inclusions. If the stone you’re looking at has a surface-reaching inclusion, make sure to set it in a protective setting, such as a bezel or halo! How Can I Clean My Emerald Engagement Ring? Because natural Emeralds are oiled, natural Emeralds should be cleaned by hand in warm soapy water with a soft toothbrush, and not with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner (which may strip out the oil). If you accidentally remove the oil from your natural Emerald, don’t panic! A competent jeweler can have your Emerald re-oiled (don’t try this at home). PS: If you’ve chosen a Lab-Created Emerald, you can clean your Emerald by hand or ultrasonic – no oil to worry about! Are Emeralds Cheaper Than Diamonds? Natural top AAA quality Emeralds will be more expensive than diamonds. This is because they are rarer in nature and much more expensive to find! However, if you like the look of an Emerald with more jardin (and there are some cool looking jardins out there), you can definitely find a natural Emerald that is less expensive than diamond. Also, Lab-Created Emeralds are incredibly affordable! And, a Lab-Created Emerald is much less expensive than a Lab Created Diamond. Is Emerald Ok for an Engagement Ring? Yes! Emeralds make great engagement rings: they’re beautiful, rare, and durable! I love Emerald engagement rings because they are unique and said to bring good fortune, too.You can also explore Amanda's other gemstone collections! Are Dark or Light Emeralds Better? The most valuable tone (meaning how light or dark an Emerald is) is medium-toned (so not too light, and not too dark). You want to be able to see green (not black), but also not have it be so light that it appears washed out. So, try to strike a happy medium. Can I Wear an Emerald Ring Every Day? Sure. Because Emeralds are a 7.5-8 on the hardness scale, they are durable enough for everyday wear. Like all fine jewelry (yes, even diamonds), you should remove your rings before doing anything strenuous. So, before you work out, garden, do the dishes, etc., take off your ring! This will help protect it from unnecessary hits. What Color Emerald Is Best? The top color for an Emerald is very slightly blueish Green. The slight blue tint gives your Emerald a regal look! That said, color is an incredibly personal choice. Some people love a super dark Emerald, some like Emeralds with a more yellowish tone! As the most important factor when choosing a colored stone is color, so don’t let anyone tell you to like something you don’t! For example, I love greyish toned gemstones, even though they are less valuable than their more vivid counterparts. Do Emeralds Sparkle? Eye clean Emeralds will offer green flashes, but not “diamond-like” rainbow sparkle. This is because Emerald’s refractive index is 1.566 – 1.600, whereas diamond’s is 2.42. That means that when light enters an Emerald, it does not reflect it as much as a diamond. Instead, light makes an eye-clean Emerald brighten and almost glow. Which Metal Is Best for Emerald? The combination of an Emerald set in a yellow gold head with a white band has an appealing aesthetic, although it exhibits a captivating look in all metals. Yellow gold is known to enhance the vividness of an Emerald, whereas white metals like white gold or platinum impart a cooler undertone. It is advisable to avoid rose gold as the pink and green tones might not complement each other as effectively.