Sapphire Engagement Rings

Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring Vintage White Gold Halo Unique Art Deco Ring


Oval Sapphire engagement ring vintage White gold Halo Unique art deco Moissanite/Diamond ring delicate Marquise cut Bridal Anniversary gift

Oval Cut Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Vintage Rose Gold Bridal Anniversary Gift for Her


Oval cut pink Sapphire engagement ring vintage rose gold engagement ring Marquise cut Diamond cluster ring Bridal Anniversary gift for her

Oval Black Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold


Experience the mysterious power of black sapphire. Featuring a 5*7mm oval black sapphire as the main stone, embellished by 3 diamonds on each side, this engagement ring is like a collision between the devil and the angel, both elegant and mysterious, a perfect choice for those who love mystery.

Asscher Cut Lab Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Side Stone Bridal Ring


Asscher Cut Lab Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring places square pink aquamarine and small round moissanite, with an overall style that is simple and elegant.

Marquise White Engagement Ring Sapphire Vintage Unique White Gold


Marquise White Sapphire engagement ring Vintage Unique White gold engagement ring Women Diamond ring Bridal Anniversary ring gift for her

Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring


Pear shaped pink sapphire rose gold engagement ring Unique moissanite engagement ring Art deco bridal anniversary promise ring for women

At Amanda, we invite you to discover the serene beauty of love with our Sapphire Engagement Rings. Each ring is a masterpiece, a symbol of trust, loyalty, and the depths of your connection. The sapphire, with its captivating blue hue, embodies the endless sky of possibilities and a love story as deep as the ocean. Celebrate your eternal commitment with Amanda's Sapphire Engagement Rings. Our rings are a fusion of artistry and devotion, where your journey begins with the calm embrace of sapphire.

Sapphire Engagement Rings FAQs

What Colors Do Sapphires Come In? Most traditional Sapphires you'll see come in a range of blue hues. You'll see shades of turquoise & teal, celestial blues & deep ocean tones, purple-leaning violet & even light sky blue. But, the options don't stop there! Sapphires actually come in nearly every color of the rainbow. This means you can get the same affordable, heirloom-quality gemstone in any color you wish – pink, yellow, purple, you name it! Sapphires even come in white, if you'd like your ring to have a more classic look, too. Does a Sapphire Ring Need Any Special Care? Sapphires are very hard stones and resistant to any damages, so they do not require regular care procedures. It’s better to choose one from the band instead of a center gemstone. This will protect the setting from looseness. Avoid the contact of the stone with your skin, the oils from your skin are not good for sapphires. It’s not recommended to wear a sapphire ring in a gym or while doing other physical activities. Always remove the ring from the finger before you start cleaning at home using special chemical liquids. They can be harmful for the sapphire. What Does the Sapphire Symbolize? Many sources show that sapphires are believed to symbolize wisdom, virtue, luck, and holiness for the royals. In an engagement ring, a sapphire also means faithfulness and sincerity. Many years ago it was said that the sapphire’s reflection helped to make the sky blue. The most typical sapphire is dark blue, but today all colors are equally popular and white sapphires have become a hit instead of a white diamond. The sapphire is the birthstone of the month of September. So if your better half was born in the month of September or you guys became official in that month, it could be a cute symbol to celebrate with the sapphire. Is Sapphire Ok for an Engagement Ring? Yes, a sapphire engagement ring adds "something blue" to an engagement ring and is an excellent alternative to the diamond. With a rating of 9 on Moh's hardness scale and a mesmerizing hue, it can be worn as a beautiful symbol of your love without the stress of damage. What Does a Sapphire Ring Mean for Engagement? A sapphire engagement ring means honesty, sincerity and faithfulness. It is also believed to provide good fortune within marriage and to keep it strong and healthy. The beautiful symbolism and meaning behind sapphires are what makes them so special for engagement rings. What Cut of Sapphire Makes the Best Sparkle? Brilliant cuts are commonly recognized as most new diamonds are cut in this fashion. Brilliant cut sapphires have kite shaped facets which can be up to 58 depending on the shape. The sapphire will therefore sparkle more as light reflects throughout it's many facets and angles. This cut maximizes the sparkle. Can I Wear My Sapphire Ring Everyday? Wearing your sapphire ring every day is feasible, given sapphires' exceptional hardness and durability. However, it's essential to handle it with care to prevent potential damage or scratches. Regular maintenance and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals will help maintain its brilliance and ensure its longevity for everyday wear. Are Dark or Light Sapphires Better? Blue sapphires that have vivid and uniform colouring with medium to medium-dark tones are usually considered to be the most beautiful.