Moonstone is a high quality mineral, also known as moonstone or gray moonstone. It has a beautiful texture and high transparency, showing a light blue gloss, very attractive. According to its color characteristics, moonstone has a variety of classification, different color categories of moonstone has different characteristics and beauty. The color of moonstones can be divided into many types, of which the most common colors are gray, blue, and yellow. The color of the gray moonstone is light gray or gray, and sometimes there are white, orange and other colors. It has a unique texture and high transparency, showing a colorful halo, very attractive. The color of the blue moonstone appears light blue or blue, which is very beautiful. It also has good texture and transparency, and sometimes a golden or brown sheen appears. The color of the yellow moonstone appears light yellow or yellow, very soft. It also has good texture and transparency, and sometimes a pink sheen appears. Therefore, moonstone is often used in jewelry. In this article, we understand the mystery of moonstone rings.

The Significance of Moonstones in Culture and History

Moonstone has a long history, and its mysterious halo has been fascinating and arousing people’s curiosity since ancient times. It also relies on local cultures and carries local people’s longing and yearning for life. There is a saying that a person can predict the future by holding a moonstone during a full moon. The use of moonstones can be traced back to many ancient civilizations, such as the ancient Romans believed that moonstones were gems condensed by the light of the moon, and the ancient Greeks also associated this gem with the god of the moon. In Rome, moonstones were believed to be gems formed by absorbing the essence of the moon, from which the figure of Diana, the goddess of the moon, can be seen. In Greece, the moonstone is a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. In the East Indies, moonstone is also considered to be the condensation of moonlight, is a very sacred existence; In today’s India, moonstone is still a representative of beauty, known as the “stone of dreams”.

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Moonstone Rings Design and Style

The design style of the moonstone ring is consistent with most of the gem rings on the market, which mainly includes several types: single stone, multi-stone, Inlaid, vintage and so on. Here are the four most classic models.

Single Stone Moonstone Rings

With a larger single moonstone as the main stone, simple and classic design, it is used in the design of many rings. There is a saying that the classic never goes out of style, and the single stone ring is the classic model of the ring. Not only moonstone, many gemstones have the most basic single stone design. The single stone design of the moonstone ring can highlight the brilliance and charm of the main stone to the greatest extent, without any other excess decoration, a large main stone is placed in the middle of the ring, and then with a matching color ring, can be a good show the beauty of the moonstone single stone ring.

Multi-stone Moonstone Rings

The design of three stones is the most common in the multi-stone design of the ring, and many gem rings have three stones this style. This is also one of the classic gemstone ring designs. The moonstone ring is not only a three-stone ring design, but also a multi-stone moonstone ring design. The multi-stone moonstone ring generally adopts an axisymmetric design, and there will be some curves or edges of the ring arms next to it, making the ring look more delicate.

Inlaid Moonstone Rings

The setting is a common moonstone ring design and can be made in a variety of metals, such as gold, white gold or platinum, to add prestige and luster to the ring. Different moonstone cuts and gemstone designs can be matched with different types of metal, showing the charm of the moonstone to the full, adding a sense of layer and nobility to the ring. Inlays can take a variety of forms, including the classic four – or six-claw bezel, as well as more complex inlays and patterns.

Vintage Moonstone Rings

Vintage moonstone rings exude a strong sense of nostalgia, often using classical design elements and craft techniques, such as arched openings, ornate patterns or complex carvings. Vintage-style rings are often based on gold or white gold, with vintage-style details to make them more elegant and memorable. The retro moonstone ring not only shows the tradition and exquisite craftsmanship of the ring, but also contains the precipitation of years and precious historical significance. Each ring is like a story that carries memories and emotions, making people indulge in a good retro time.

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Purchase of Moonstone Rings

Good quality moonstone should have floating wave-like blue light, translucent. Moonstones can generally have cat’s eye effect or starlight effect, but it is rare, starlight effect is rarer than cat’s eye effect. The selection of moonstone first value its bluish and white luster, the more shining blue and obvious moonstone quality is higher, of course, transparent and bluish and obvious moonlight stone price will be higher. All in all, the moonstone blue is the top quality, the white light is second, and the gray light is relatively poor. In addition, in addition to the quality of the stone, you can also choose the overall material of the ring with the moonstone. It is best to choose a certified jeweler to guarantee the authenticity of the stone and avoid being cheated.

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Moonstone can stand out among the precious stones is not for no reason, it has its own charming. The magical legends and special effects of moonstone, coupled with the translucent color and reflected blue brilliance of moonstone itself, make it widely used in the jewelry industry. At the same time, the scarcity of moonstone is not as high as those precious stones, so the price is more close to the people, and it is a gem that most people can afford. So the corresponding moonstone ring is also a kind of jewelry that people love.