Since its discovery, moissanite has been widely used in the jewelry industry and has been made into many exquisite and beautiful accessories, such as rings, necklaces, earrings and so on. The common jewelry moissanite is generally white and colorless moissanite, which can be perfectly matched with various metals to better set off the shine of the moissanite itself. And moissanite has been used as a flat diamond, whether it is fire color or hardness are almost the same as diamonds, and on this basis the price is one-tenth of the diamond. This is also why moissanite can be liked by many consumers and is widely used in the jewelry industry.Many people only know the white moissanite commonly used in the jewelry industry, but in fact, there are many different colors of moissanite. This article takes you to understand the different types of moissanites by color.

Gray Moissanite

Gray moissanite has a soft gray tone and looks very modern and unique. Its luster and fire color are still outstanding, and it can show a gorgeous flash effect in the light. Due to its unique color, gray moissanite is very popular in personalized jewelry designs and is often used in rings, earrings and pendants. Its hardness and durability are as high as other moissanite, making it suitable for everyday wear, both stylish and practical.

Yellow Moissanite

Yellow moissanite has a warm yellow color, ranging from light yellow to a strong golden yellow. It is loved by jewelry lovers for its unique color and excellent luster. Yellow moissanite is often used to make personalized jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and earrings, adding a bright touch of color. Its hardness is high, durability is strong, suitable for daily wear. Because of its bright color and more affordable price than diamonds, yellow moissanite has become the material of choice for fashion jewelry.

types of moissanite

Green Moissanite

Green moissanite is loved by many people for its unique green hue and outstanding luster. The color can range from light green to dark green. Green moissanite is often used in various jewelry designs, and its unique color adds a touch of natural color. Its hardness and durability are high, it is not easy to scratch, and it is suitable for daily wear. Green moissanite is not only beautiful, but also relatively affordable, making it an ideal choice for personalized jewelry.

Blue Moissanite

Blue moissanite ranges in color from light blue to dark blue. Blue moissanite is also used in the design of rings, earrings and other jewelry. The hue of blue reveals a noble temperament. Blue moissanite also has a high hardness and can withstand friction even when worn in daily life. Because of its unique color and affordable price, blue moissanite is the ideal gem for many people.

Black Moissanite

Black moissanite is notable for its deep black color and high gloss. It is evenly colored, showing a unique modern and avant-garde feel. Black moissanite is often used to make personalized jewelry, such as rings, earrings and bracelets, adding an air of mystery and elegance. Its hardness and durability are as high as other moissanite, it is not easy to scratch, and it is suitable for daily wear.

Factors Affecting the Color of Moissanites

Why does moissanite show so many colors? In general, natural moissanite is pure white or colorless, natural moissanite is very rare, usually the reason for the diversity of colors is caused by impurities and conditions in the geological process. In addition to natural moissanite, why can laboratory moissanite come in so many colors to match a variety of jewelry? Next, let’s explore the reasons that affect the color of moissanite in the laboratory.

●Chemical Composition and Crystal Structure

The main chemical composition of moissanite is silicon carbide, and the ratio and arrangement of carbon and silicon in silicon carbide can affect the refraction and reflection of light, and then affect the color and luster of moissanite. And during the formation of moissanite crystals, trace elements or impurities can change the color of moissanite. For example, trace amounts of iron, magnesium, titanium, etc. will affect the final color of the moissanite. Impurities are uncertain factors, so some other colors of moissanite other than white are produced.


●Adding Elements to the Manufacturing Process

As we all know, most of the moissanite jewelry now on sale is synthetic in artificial laboratories. When synthesized in the laboratory, almost all variable conditions can be controlled manually, and the process and conditions required for the formation of moissanite crystals can be precisely adjusted to produce a variety of colors of moissanite. Adding trace elements is one of the ways to control the color of moissanite. For example, adding nitrogen can make the moissanite appear yellow, adding chromium can make the moissanite appear green, adding iron can make the moissanite appear blue or gray.

●Post Processing

Another way to change the color of moissanite is post-processing. Post-treatment can usually be divided into two types: one is heating treatment, that is, through heating, the color of the moissanite can be changed or enhanced. For example, some moissanite will become more colorful after heat treatment. The other is irradiation treatment, that is, changing the color of the moissanite through radiation. Different radiation conditions can produce different color effects.

●Outer Coating

The outer coating of moissanite changes its color by adding a thin coating to the surface of a colorless or nearly colorless moissanite. This method can quickly and economically produce a variety of colors of moissanite, such as blue, green, black, etc. The coating is usually made of high-tech materials that enhance the wear resistance and aesthetic effect of moissanite. However, coating moissanite requires special care to avoid scratching and contact with strong chemicals, as the coating may wear or fade over time.


If you like the unique color of moissanite, then in daily life only need to pay attention to the moissanite rub to avoid fading. Because some colored moissanite is coated with color, the color is not firm and needs more careful care. But no matter what kind of color of moissanite, can represent the fidelity and beauty of love. And the excellent hardness of moissanite makes it an ideal choice for many new people, even if it has been worn in daily life, it is not easy to scratch.