History and Origin

Onyx is a variety of agate. The name onyx is derived from the Greek word “onux”, meaning “claw” or “nail”. In Greek mythology, there is a legend that Cupid cut off the claws of the sleeping goddess Aphrodite with an arrow, and the three fates turned them into stone. As a result, nail polish used to look like nails with various colors pinned on them, and they were collectively called “onyx.” The Egyptians carved agate into jewelry and ornaments, believing that black symbolized rebirth and a new beginning. The use of onyx has been popular since then. Onyx was already used to make bowls and other pottery during the Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt. Onyx was also revered by ancient shamans, who believed it could ground the soul and provide a sense of calm. Throughout the Middle Ages, agate was often used in religious art as a symbol of purity and hope. Today, Onyx continues to be favored by jewelry designers and collectors, and the black onyx engagement rings are classic examples of jewelry. Its enduring beauty remains a testament to its rich and fascinating history.


When the texture of black agate is very pure, it is gray, if it contains various pigment ions, it will show red, black, blue, green and other colors, and has a strip structure. These strips can have different colors (red, blue, purple, green, Black, white, etc.), and if they are black and white, they are called Black onyx. These different bands make each black onyx unique. Black onyx hardness is 7-7.5, with glass-like luster, with concentric ring belt, lamellar, corrugated and other beautiful patterns are the most attractive features of black agate. Real agate transparency is not as good as synthetic, slightly chaotic, synthetic like transparent black glass beads. Onyx has a conchoid fracture, which means it breaks into a smooth curved surface, similar to the inside of a shell.

Pear Shaped Cluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring

Symbolic and Meaning

Black onyx is often seen symbolically as a symbol of strength, protection and resilience. It is believed to help boost self-confidence, balance emotions, improve decision-making skills, and give the wearer inner strength and determination. At the same time, black onyx is also regarded as a protective stone, which can eliminate negative energy and prevent malicious attacks and negative emotions.The “black onyx” has long been used as a talisman worldwide. Many historical books, such as the Old Testament, have retained their names. Especially in Christianity, it is used to suppress passion and sexual desire, and is often used as a prayer tool for rosary beads.In addition to strength and protection, black onyx symbolizes the qualities of calm, introspection and perseverance. It is able to help the wearer remain calm and balanced in the face of challenges and difficulties, while inspiring inner potential, firm faith, and brave to face changes and challenges in life. In black onyx engagement rings, the symbolism of black onyx are also expressed as a firm and protective commitment to love and relationship, symbolizing both parties’ commitment and support for each other.

Black Onyx Engagement Rings Design and Style

The design of the black onyx engagement rings usually use a large black onyx stone placed in the middle of the ring, because the single black color is dull, so it is usually set next to the black onyx as a small diamond decoration. The design is usually symmetrical on both sides or all the black onyx around the circle. The broken diamonds used are generally white and shining moissanite, highlighting the strong color contrast, so that the charm of the black onyx is more perfect. The modern design of the black onyx engagement rings often use simple lines and geometric shapes to show a simple, atmospheric aesthetic; Classical retro style focuses on tradition and elegance, and common designs include ancient Mosaic techniques and delicate patterns; Artistic design may incorporate artistic elements or unique shapes, showing a unique personality and taste; Fashion forward designs are bold and innovative, and may use unconventional materials or design concepts to highlight personality and fashion sense.

White Gold Emerald CutCluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring

Black Onyx Ring Care and Maintenance

The care of the black onyx engagement rings should avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, cleaners, etc., so as not to damage the shine and texture of the ring surface. Use mild, soapy or warm water to gently clean the surface of the black onyx ring, then gently dry it with a clean, soft cloth. You should also try to avoid collision between the black onyx ring and hard objects, so as not to cause scratches or damage to the surface. Check the black onyx ring regularly for loose stones or damaged inlay, and repair it promptly to keep the ring in good condition. When not wearing a black onyx ring, store it in a dry, clean place and avoid contact with other jewelry or hard objects to prevent scratches or damage.

Guide to Buying a Black Onyx Engagement Rings

First of all, the color of the black onyx should be selected, and the artificial black onyx is generally crystal clear and pure without doping. Choose a black onyx with an even color and no obvious blemishes or blemishes. Black onyx rings come in a variety of styles, from classic halo Settings to sophisticated vintage designs. You can choose a design that reflects your personal style and preferences. Also consider the metal of the ring. Popular choices include white gold, gold, rose gold and platinum. The metal choice can greatly affect the overall look and feel of the ring. In addition, the purchase of certified black onyx will be guaranteed quality.

black onyx engagement ring


In the world of black onyx engagement rings, the mysterious and enchanting gemstone symbolizes strength and steadiness, it is a symbol of eternity and carries the deep affection between two people. No matter what design or style you choose, black onyx will add mystery and charm to your love story. Let this ring be an important chapter in your love journey, a testimony to the deep friendship and lasting affection between you. The black onyx engagement rings will always shine the light of your love and become a symbol of your love.