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Pear Shaped Cluster Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Sparkling moissanite surrounds this  created lab emerald engagement ring, with pear-cut emeralds bursting with life! The small band looks even more stylish!

Vintage Round Moissanite Engagement Ring


This Round Moissanite Engagement Ring is distinctive with moissanite stones set on either side of a leaf shaped band wall that shimmers around the main stone!

Delicate Oval Cut Cluster Black Onyx Engagement Ring


Mysterious and elegant, this Black Onyx Engagement Ring features an oval-cut black onyx at its center, surrounded by six radiant moissanites.

Oval Cut Cluster Black Rutilated Quartz Engagement Ring


Six sparkling moissanites akin to angel wings, gracefully flank the black rutilated quartz, with a subtle band for the perfect finish.

Pear Shaped Cluster Black Rutilated Quartz Engagement Ring


The simplicity of this classic Black Rutilated Quartz Engagement Ring, surrounded by six moissanite gemstones, sets off its mystique!

Pear Shaped Cluster Lab Ruby Engagement Ring Vintage


Enhanced by six radiant moissanite stones resembling angelic wings embracing the ruby, this Lab Ruby Engagement Ring exudes timeless elegance and grace.

Round Cut Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring Art Deco


With six sparkling moissanite stones, akin to angel wings framing the opal, this Cluster Moss Agate Engagement Ring exudes a sleek and timeless charm.

Emerald Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring


Exuding chic sophistication, this lab emerald engagement ring features a delicate band adorned with complementary moissanite gemstones.

Unique Pavé Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring Rose gold


The emerald cut Tanzanite ring is gracefully encircled by two Möbius bands, with pave moissanite adorning the band, showcasing a unique and enchanting radiance.

Unique Oval Cut Pavé Lab Emerald Engagement Ring Rose Gold


Two Möbius rings elegantly wrap around the Lab Emerald Engagement Ring, while pave moissanite delicately adorns the band, creating a distinctive appeal.

Oval Cut Blue Green Sapphire Engagement Ring Yellow Gold


The moissanite is arranged in a linear fashion on the band, creating a sleek and sophisticated look for the Blue Green Sapphire Engagement Ring.