Wedding Bands

14K Yellow Gold Moissanite Wedding Sets


2pcs Curved wedding band yellow gold Marquise cut Diamond wedding band Vintage Unique Moissanite Matching Stacking Bridal Anniversary band

Marquise Diamond White Gold 2 Piece Wedding Ring


2pcs Marquise diamond white gold wedding band simple chevron Curved wedding band Vintage Unique Moissanite Matching Stacking Bridal gift

Oval Cut Moissanite Wedding Band Women White Gold Wedding Band Unique Full Eternity Stacking Bridal


Oval cut Moissanite wedding band women white gold wedding band Vintage Unique Full eternity Stacking Bridal Promise Anniversary gift for her

14K Gold 2pcs Curved Stackable Wedding Bands


2pcs Curved yellow gold wedding band women Dainty diamond wedding band stacking matching ring Bridal ring set Promise gift for her

Marquise Cut Moissanite Wedding Band Vintage Yellow Gold Full Eternity Bridal Ring


Marquise cut Moissanite wedding band Vintage Yellow gold wedding band Unique Full eternity Matching Stacking Bridal Promise ring

2PCS Curved Moissanite Wedding Band Rose Gold Solid Gift for Her


2pcs Curved moissanite wedding band Solid rose gold Marquise Diamond wedding band Vintage Unique Matching Stacking Anniversary gift for her

Curved Wedding Band White Gold Pear Shaped Moissanite Wedding Band Vintage


Curved wedding band white gold Pear shaped Moissanite wedding band Vintage wedding band Unique Matching Stacking wedding band Promise gift

Unique Rose Gold Wedding Band Women Full Eternity Bridal Promise Band


Unique Rose gold wedding band women Marquise cut Moissanite wedding band vintage full eternity Matching Stacking Bridal Promise band

Double Curved Wedding Band Ring Yellow Gold Moissanite Wedding Band Vintage


Double Curved wedding band ring enhancer yellow gold Moissanite wedding band vintage matching stacking ring bridal promise anniversary ring

Moissanite Curved Wedding Band White Gold Women Chevron Ring


The Moissanite Curved Wedding Band features a double-layered design, fully adorned with moissanite along the band, shimmering brilliantly.

Wedding bands symbolize the love and commitment between couples. Our rings are meticulously crafted by artisans, ensuring every detail is perfect. Each ring is a labor of love crafted for you, making it as unique as your relationship. From simple straight wedding bands to elegant curved wedding bands, there is a ring to suit your style. Browse the handpicked collection of wedding bands from AmandaFineJewelry and celebrate your unique love story with our wedding rings. We offer a customized service to help you create the wedding band of your dreams.

Wedding Band FAQs

What Is a Wedding Band? Wedding bands are pieces of jewelry that are exchanged during a wedding ceremony and symbolize eternal love. Wedding bands are typically simple metal bands or can feature pave or channel set added gemstones such as diamonds or moissanites. Compared to an engagement ring, the design of a wedding ring is much simpler as it does not have any large or center stone. Since wedding bands are minimalist rings, they are more affordable than engagement rings. How Much Should Should You Spend On a Wedding Band? When you are planning a wedding, choosing the perfect wedding ring is vital. When it comes to how much you should spend on a wedding ring, it depends on personal preferences and your budget. The price of a wedding ring depends largely on the material of the ring, including metals and gemstones.

Metal - Choose a metal material that is durable and hypoallergenic, such as platinum or solid gold. Rings made of solid gold are more affordable compared to those made of platinum. Common metal colors include white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Gemstones - Determine the cut, clarity, carat weight, etc. of the gemstone. In terms of cut, the round cut is the classic gemstone cut. The oval and pear cut are currently popular. The vintage emerald cut and the unique marquise cut are elegant. Generally speaking, the fewer inclusions a gemstone has, the more valuable it is. The larger the carat of the ring gem, the more expensive it will be and the heavier the gem will be.
What Styles Of Wedding Bands? Wedding bands are available in a variety of different styles, including straight, double, and curved wedding bands.

Straight Wedding Band - It is a common wedding ring style. It pairs best with a raised solitaire engagement ring.

Double Wedding Band - It has two wedding band bands that can be separate or connected which can provide a unique look to your engagement ring or outfit.

Curved Wedding Band - It is also known as a contoured wedding band and features a slight curve or bend in the band. If you want a ring that complements your engagement ring, a curved wedding band is a good choice.