Each month has its own birthstone. And ruby is the July birthstone. What are the properties, origin,and applications and healing of ruby as the July birthstone? In this article, we walk into the July birthstone: the secret of Ruby.

July Birthstone- History And Legends

Ruby is known as the king of gems. In ancient India, rubies were called “ratnaraj” and were considered sacred stones that brought health, wealth and wisdom. People believe that wearing rubies can protect them from disasters and misfortunes. In ancient Greece and Rome, rubies were seen as amulets for warriors. It is believed to give warriors courage and strength and protect them from harm in battle. In medieval Europe, ruby was regarded as a noble gemstone, symbolizing power and honor. It is believed to have magical powers to cure disease and ward off evil spirits.

July Birthstone- Physical Properties

The July birthstone ruby, as a precious stone, has excellent physical properties. Its chemical composition is mainly Al₂O₃. The red color of rubies comes from the trace amount of chromium element Cr. Rubies have a hardness of 9, second only to diamonds. This property makes rubies very wear-resistant and suitable for everyday wear jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Rubies are most popular for their rich red color, often referred to as “pigeon blood.” Rubies with high color saturation, uniform distribution and no distinct ribbon are generally more valuable.

The refractive index of rubies is between 1.762 and 1.770, with a birefractive index of 0.008. These optical properties allow rubies to reflect and refract light in unique ways, enhancing their brilliance and brightness. The ruby-glass luster makes it glisten in the light. High transparency, high purity rubies are worth a lot of money. These excellent characteristics make ruby a valuable precious stone, and also become the July birthstone.

July birthstone

July Birthstone- Origin And Mining Areas

July birthstone ruby have become prized by collectors and jewelry designers around the world because of their unique color and rarity. Natural rubies are even rarer. The ruby is mainly produced in five regions: the Mong Su region of Myanmar, known for its deep red color, high transparency and containing a small amount of filamentous inclusions inside, known as the “pigeon blood” ruby. Thailand’s rubies are mainly produced in the eastern Tsim Chupeng and Pai counties, which are very rich in mineral deposits. Rubies from Sri Lanka come in a variety of colors. The steady production of rubies produced in Mozambique has made it an important producer. The majority of Tanzania’s rubies come from the Songea region, where rubies are known for their variety of colors.

Meaning of Ruby As July Birthstone

As the birthstone of July, ruby carries rich symbolic meaning and cultural connotation. The red color of the ruby symbolizes deep love and hot passion. Therefore, ruby is often used as a symbol of love and is used in engagement rings and wedding rings. Rubies also symbolize strength and courage. Ancient warriors often wore rubies, hoping to gain courage and strength in battle through it. The bright color of the July birthstone ruby is like a burning flame, symbolizing strong vitality and vitality. It is believed to energize people and make them full of energy and motivation. In many cultures, rubies are seen as stones that bring good luck and happiness. It is therefore often worn as a talisman.

July Birthstone in Jewelry

July birthstone ruby is widely used in the jewelry industry because of its excellent characteristics, and is made into ruby rings, ruby bracelets, ruby necklaces and so on. Ruby rings are one of the most popular types of jewelry, especially ruby engagement rings and ruby wedding bands.As the July birthstone, rubies are loved by many people for their magical healing and legendary and colorful appearance, and some couples will wear ruby engagement rings to congratulate their newlyweds. There are also celebrities who wear ruby jewelry on important occasions such as the red carpet to embellish their temperament. Ruby jewelry is a gorgeous presence in everyday decoration and on important occasions.

In addition, the July birthstone ruby is often used in custom jewelry designs. Whether it is daily wear jewelry, or to commemorate the important day rings, earrings, etc., ruby is a good choice. We offer fine jewelry customization services. Just contact us and tell us what you need and we’ll help you put your story into your jewelry.

July birthstone

July Birthstone- Healing Properties of Ruby

July birthstone ruby is believed to boost a person’s energy and vitality, improve blood circulation, and improve blood flow. July birthstone is also thought to boost the immune system, help the body fight off diseases and infections, and reduce stress and anxiety. It is even thought to promote love and relationships. July birthstone ruby is revered by many for these positive therapeutic properties.

How to Clean July Birthstone?

July birthstone ruby is relatively stable in nature and is not easy to react with other common substances. So ordinary cleaning can keep the ruby bright and intact. Place July birthstone ruby in warm water dripping with a cleaning solution and gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush to complete the cleaning step. After cleaning, remove the July birthstone and rinse with clean warm water, and finally pat the dry ruby with a soft cloth to complete the daily cleaning.


July birthstone ruby Whether as a personal lucky stone or as a gift for friends and family, rubies can bring endless joy and blessings. Amanda offers a wide range of ruby fine jewellery, welcome to choose or ask any questions you would like to know.