Diamond Is the Symbol of Faithful Love. It Is Pure, Flawless, and Dazzling. It Is What Every Woman Longs to Have In Her Life.
This Is Even Less Than the Size of Half a Fingernail Small, but the Price Many People Look at and Stop. Despite the Scarcity and Texture, Why Are Diamonds Still So Expensive?

The Reason Why the Diamond Is Called “The King of Precious Stones” by Human Beings, and the Most Expensive Variety of Precious Stones, in addition to the Charming Quality of the Diamond Itself, the Detection of Diamond Deposits and processing, Has a Close Relationship.

  • Diamond’s Inherent Charm Quality Is the Decisive Factor. Like a Gem, It Must Have Three Elements: Beauty, Durability, and Rarity.

Diamond Is the Only Gem That Combines the Highest Hardness, Strong Refractive Index, and High Dispersion and Is Unmatched by Any Other Gem. The Treasure in Such Treasure, Rare in Rare, Deservedly Become the Most Expensive In.

  • Diamond Culture Has a Long History. Since Ancient Times, the Diamond Has Been Regarded as a Symbol of Power, Majesty, Status, and Wealth. Its Indestructible, Invincible, Eternal Firmness, and Manly Quality, Is the Goal of Human Pursuit Forever. It Has Potential and Great Cultural Value.

  • Diamond Deposits Are Difficult and Expensive to Find. The Search for a Diamond Deposit Is Not, as Legend Has It, a Drop and a Diamond Deposit Can Be Found. Diamond Deposits Often Take Decades, Even Hundreds of Years of Effort and Labor, and Cost a Lot of Money.

For Example, the Exploration of the Original Diamond Deposit in Siberia of the Former Soviet Union Was Discovered After 18 Years of Hardships Since 1913. The “Euler” Primary Deposit in Botswana, Cost $32 Million and Took 12 Years to Excavate; The Discovery of Primary Diamond Deposits in Northwestern Canada in Recent Years Took Generations of Geologists and at Least Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Find.

  • The Number of Diamond Deposits Is Small and the Grade of Gem Diamond Deposits Is Low. The Number of Diamond Deposits in the World, if Compared With the Number of Iron, Copper, and Gold, Can Be Said to Be Pitiful and Can Be Counted on One’s Fingers.

A Rough Calculation Suggests That to Get a One-Carat (0.2g) Polished Diamond, You Need to Dig Up About 250 Tonnes of Ore. Even With a Five-Ton Truck, It Takes 50 Trips to Complete the Load.

  • The Scale of Mining Is Huge and Difficult. The Mining of Diamond Deposits Can Be Said to Be a Large-Scale and Careful Work.

  • Diamond Processing Procedures Are Complex and Man-Hours Are Large. After Carefully Crushing and Sorting the Mined Ore, It Is Not Like Other Metal Deposits That Can Be Put Into Mass Smelting, but to Determine the Cutting and Grinding Scheme to Ensure the Weight, Clarity, and Style of Each Rough Diamond by Careful and Meticulous Analysis.

Taking the Above Six Aspects Into Account, a Cut, Polished, and Finished One-Carat Diamond Costs About $1,800. This Price Is Not Very Expensive, but Why Do Most People Feel That Diamonds Are Expensive? This Is Because When This 1-carat Diamond From Naked Diamond Suppliers Goods, Then After Wholesale Mosaic Processing Into Jewelry, and Then Jeweler Through the Jewelry Counters of Large and Medium-Sized Shopping Malls or Luxury Stores for Retail, Finally Presented in Front of Consumers.

But for a Natural Diamond That Can Be Treasured Forever and Shine Forever as a Symbol of Love, It Is Also Worth the Price.