Moissanite is an artificial laboratory gem that has become popular in the last decade. Moissanite is popular because of its very similar appearance and properties to diamonds. The price is only one-tenth that of a diamond, and it is widely used in the jewelry industry. These Moissanite necklaces, earrings, rings and so on are loved by people. Moissanite gets its name from the person who first discovered it. Natural moissanite is rare and occurs only in craters, which is one reason why laboratory moissanite was born. Now the moissanite jewelry on the market like moissanite engagement rings and so on are almost made of laboratory moissanite, then are moissanite engagement rings worth buying? This article takes you to find out.

Moissanite Value and Price Trends

Moissanite is recognized as the best substitute for diamonds. According to GIA‘s 4C criteria (color, clarity, cut and carat weight of a diamond), Moissanite’s properties are similar to diamonds, and some properties are even better than diamonds. For example, moissanite has a higher fire color than diamonds, which means that moissanite shines more brightly than diamonds, but its price is only one-tenth of that of diamonds. Generally speaking, Moissanite is indeed an affordable choice. In addition, moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, each stone takes 6 months to crystallize, so it is not rare. The rarity of diamonds is just a marketing ploy. So moissanite has a big advantage. As for the price trend, because it is a lab-made gemstone, the price will not increase much and will stay within a reasonable range.

Origin and Quality of Moissanite

Natural moissanite was discovered in the late 19th century and is named after Dr. Henri moissanite, who discovered this mineral in a crater in Arizona. Moissanite on the market are synthetic, natural moissanite is very rare, only appears in the crater, the color is mostly dark green, black. Natural moissanite with high clarity is relatively lacking in comparison. The artificial moissanite synthesized in the laboratory can control the quality within a certain standard and produce pure moissanite. In the beginning, moissanite was mainly used as an abrasive, and later it was gradually applied to the electronic field, such as for light-emitting diode materials. Later, with qualified moissanite, it was slowly used in the jewelry industry.

Applications of Moissanite in Engagement Rings

The application of moissanite in engagement rings is becoming more and more popular because of its unique charm and beautiful appearance. Moissanite is known for its deep shades of red and pink, which makes it ideal for engagement rings. Its elegant colors and premium gloss make the moissanite engagement ring a unique and memorable choice. Moissanite can be used alone as a main stone or paired with other gemstones, such as diamond or white gold, to enhance its ornate level. Whether in simple design or gorgeous complex rings, moissanite can show its unique charm and personality. Moreover, the choice of a moissanite engagement ring also shows respect and appreciation for non-traditional choices, making it the perfect symbol of the contemporary couple’s pursuit of individuality and difference.

Are Moissanite Engagement Rings Worth Buying?

Since moissanite is the perfect substitute for diamonds, is the Moissanite engagement ring used in the jewelry industry worth buying? Many of you have probably thought about this, but let’s look at it from two perspectives.

From cost performance

First of all, we analyze from the perspective of cost performance. First of all, although the moissanite is synthetic, it is still much more expensive than other imitation diamond jewelry, and it is better in quality. But its excellent diamond-like appearance is very reasonable compared to the price of diamonds. Because the price of moissanite is only one-tenth that of diamond. A good quality moissanite can cost from more than $200 to more than 700 a carat. The price of diamonds is set according to the 4C standard, and a one-carat diamond of decent quality costs $10,000. On the Mohs scale, diamonds are 10 and Mossans are 9.25, much higher than other gemstones. The toughness of both is about the same. The fire color of Moissanite is better than diamond, with far less price to buy the appearance of more shining and almost equally hard stones, you can conclude that Moissanite is a cost-effective choice, as a jewelry Moissanite engagement ring is completely different from the worry about daily wear rub, this level of hardness can withstand the test.

From a viewing angle

When we talk about the Angle of appearance, we have to mention the fire color of moissanite. As I said before, moissanite is an excellent substitute for diamonds, but its fire color is even better than diamonds. Tested under professional equipment, Moissanite fires 2.5 times as brightly as diamonds. In the firelight, the diamond is 0.044, the moissanite is 0.104; In terms of refraction, diamond is 2.417, moissanite is 2.65, moissanite’s fire and refraction are more than diamonds. This is also why moissanite can overcome so many imitation diamond products, and eventually become the common diamond on the market. The excellent hardness of moissanite is also a reason why it is widely used in the jewelry industry. Moissanite engagement rings generally use moissanite as the main stone, the ring itself will add some other embellishments and decorations or with special cuts, so that the whole ring looks more shining and charming.


So all in all, moissanite engagement rings are still worth buying in any way. Although the moissanite on the market is rarely a true natural gemstone, this price and characteristic match is excellent value for money, especially as ornamental jewelry, which looks no different from real diamonds to the naked eye when worn daily, and itself is hard and shiny. Even natural moissanite is usually not a collectible gemstone, because there is no collectible value, this gemstone does not value. It’s possible to buy it at a high price but sell it for what it was worth. But as a decorative moissanite engagement ring, it is still worth buying, but also symbolizing the enduring feelings of two people, it is a good choice.