Round Cut Engagement Ring


Rose Gold Round Cut Cluster Lab Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring


The use of cluster setting on both sides of the lab ruby, along with the simple band, forms this Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

Rose Gold Cluster Round Cut Black Rutilated Quartz Ring


The gemstone is secured on both sides with a cluster setting in the design of the Black Rutilated Quartz Ring, complemented by a minimalist band.

White Gold Round Cut Leaf Shaped Moonstone Promise Ring


The ring boasts an intricate design resembling entwined vines, adorned with leaves and gemstone accents, creating this exquisite Moonstone Promise Ring.

Unique Round Cut White Gold Moonstone Ring


The band of this White Gold Moonstone Ring is smooth, accentuating the embedded gemstone, while the delicate prong setting expertly safeguards the shimmering center gem.

Leaf Shape Moissanite Round Engagement Ring in White Gold


The band resembles two vines, tightly winding around the gemstone in the center. Combined with leaf-shaped gemstone accents, it creates this unique Moissanite Round Engagement Ring.

Round Cut Unique Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring


The Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring features a distinctive design, incorporating two types of gemstones, with the band resembling vines intricately intertwined.

Flower Round Cut Rose Gold Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring


Encircled with gemstones, this Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring cleverly mimics a blooming flower, displaying an intricate aesthetic.

Vintage Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Promise Ring


This Moissanite Engagement Promise Ring features floral pattern cutouts on both sides, complemented by the sparkle of moissanite, creating a vintage and elegant look.

Rose Gold Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring

Original price was: $373.00.Current price is: $294.00.

The Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring features a dual spiral design in the band, complemented by leaf-shaped metal engravings, intertwining like vines.

Flower Rose Gold Marquise Moissanite Engagement Ring

Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $315.00.

This Marquise Moissanite Engagement Ring boasts a unique design, with a circle of moissanite surrounding the main stone, resembling a blooming flower.

Unique Rose Gold Lab Alexandrite Ring


Lab Alexandrite Ring has moissanite set on both sides of the main stone. The unique setting makes the ring look like angel wings.