Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Vintage Marquise Cut Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Marquise Cut Alexandrite as the centerpiece, with scattered moissanite on each side, gives the Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring a vintage and elegant appeal.

Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique White gold


Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique engagement ring White gold Antique Opal engagement ring Anniversary promise ring

Moissanite Engagement Ring Vintage Unique 14K Yellow Gold Art Deco Bridal Promise Anniversary Gift


Moissanite Engagement ring vintage engagement ring unique 14k yellow gold art deco marquise cut Stacking ring Bridal Promise Anniversary gift

Rose Gold Marquise Cut Lab Emerald Ring


The interlocking of two bands, adorned with moissanite accents and Marquise Cutting, imbues the Lab Emerald Ring with a vibrant and distinctive charm.

Cluster Marquise Cut Morganite Promise Ring Rose Gold


This Morganite Promise Ring elegantly secures the moissanite on both sides of the main stone with a cluster setting, showcasing a simple, stylish charm.

14K Rose Gold Lab Alexandrite Marquise Engagement Ring


The Alexandrite Marquise Engagement Ring features a hollow design in the band, using a unique setting technique to secure the Alexandrite on the ring.

Vintage Marquise Cut Lab Alexandrite Ring White Gold


The Alexandrite Ring  White Gold showcases three gemstones: Alexandrite, Opal, and Moonstone, all cut in an olive-shaped design, symmetrically set on the ring.

Unique 14K Yellow Gold Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Alexandrite Engagement Ring features a unique design with the use of hexagon-cut Alexandrite, adorned with an array of Moissanite stones on the band.

Marquise Cut Lab Vintage Alexandria Engagement Ring


The Vintage Alexandria Engagement Ring features a cluster setting with moissanites staggered on either side of the main stone like an unfurling fan.

Vintage White Gold Marquise Cut Alexandrite Wedding Ring


Simple design for the Alexandrite Wedding Ring, with Marquise Cut morganite and Alexandrite evenly set on the band, exuding an elegant charm.

Unique White Gold Women Marquise Alexandrite Engagement Ring


An Alexandrite Engagement Ring, akin to a blossoming flower, surrounds Marquise-cut Alexandrite with inset moissanite, showcasing graceful charm.

Marquise Cut Alexandrite Wedding Ring Vintage Yellow Gold


Marquise cut Alexandrite engagement ring vintage yellow gold Unique engagement vintage ring Antique moissanite wedding Bridal Promise gift