Hexagon Cut Engagement Ring

Hexagon Cut Vintage 14K Rose Gold Alexandrite Ring


The Rose Gold Alexandrite Ring features a three-stone design with two intricately set Emerald Cut moissanites on either side of the Alexandrite.

Cluster Hexagon Moss Agate Engagement Ring Rose Gold


This stunning Hexagon Moss Agate Engagement Ring features shimmering gemstones on both sides, with an intricately designed band, exuding delicate elegance.

Hexagon Cut Cluster Morganite Rose Gold Ring Vintage


This delicate Morganite Rose Gold Ring features micro-pavé setting, with moissanite and moss agate complementing the central gemstone, showcasing an elegant design.

Hexagon Cut Rose Gold Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring


The Lab Alexandrite Engagement Ring showcases a minimalist design with Hexagon Cut Alexandrite and moissanite accents, creating a dazzling ring.

Vintage Hexagon Cut Rose Gold Lab Alexandrite Wedding Rings


This Rose Gold Lab Alexandrite Wedding Rings features a stunning hexagon cut lab alexandrite, surrounded by a halo of diamonds or moissanite. The vintage design adds endless charm to this art deco promise ring, making it a perfect anniversary gift for your loved one.

AMANDAFINEJEWELRY Hexagon Cut Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring


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