At present, Moissanite has become a popular gem in the field of diamond rings. In terms of appearance level, style design, and workmanship, Moissanite is far beyond the traditional diamond, which can significantly improve the price-performance in the market. So, when it comes to the difference between Moissanite and diamond, what are the main aspects? Next, Amanda introduces:

Difference One:
Color Clarity. Generally Viewed Through a Microscope, Ordinary Diamonds in Color Clarity Are Not Moissanite Good. Therefore, From the Appearance of the Diamond and High-Quality Moissanite, the Quality of the Division Is Not a Large Difference in Perception, Which Is the Difference Between Moissanite and Diamond, Is to Use a Microscope to See the Color Effect of the Diamond, Which in Quality of Color and Purity Is the Need to Carefully Observe to Distinguish.


Difference Two:
Specific Gravity, Diamond Compared to the General Moissanite Will Be About 0.05 Weight, so the Specific Gravity Often Looks Like Little Difference. Diamond Ring Appearance Atmosphere Effect and Moissanite Contrast Are Very Close.


Difference Three:
Of Course, Moissanite Daily Wear in Their Hands, the Quality of Moissanite Often Failed to Cultivate by the Standard, Not Enough Cultivation Time Also Lead To Its Internal Instability, Poor Light Transmission, so We Purchase the Use of High-Quality Moissanite, Not Bleak, Comparable to the Luxury of the Diamond Ring.