Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone that takes on stunning and incredible hues when light approaches. For those who are looking for some nontraditional and distinctive jewelry, moonstone engagement rings are a beautiful choice. Moonstone is loved by jewelry enthusiasts and couples for its unique charm and brilliant sheen.

The Allure of Moonstone

Moonstone belongs to the mineral family of feldspars, typically alternately layered of orthoclase and albite. Moonstone comes in many colors, most commonly white, pink, peach, and the highly sought-after blue variety.

As one of the June birthstones, moonstone is perfect for those born in June to wear as jewelry. Moreover, people born in other months can also wear moonstone rings because of their captivating shades or rich symbolism.

Moonstone is usually associated with love, romance, and passion. Thus, wearing a moonstone engagement ring can express your deep affection. Besides, these rings are a perfect gift for celebrating your thirteenth wedding anniversary. Whether because of its eye-catching appearance or unique symbolism, moonstone rings can add a touch of sophistication to your jewelry collection.

History And Origin Of Moonstone

Moonstone has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and has been associated with the great goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome, Diana, Selene, and Artemis. Therefore, moonstone is also called Aphroselene, a combination of Aphrodite and Selene’s names.

The main sources of moonstone are Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Brazil, Madagascar etc. Blue moonstones are highly valued for their rarity. These rare blue moonstones come from Sri Lanka, which is also an important supplier of rainbow moonstones.

Round Cut Moonstone

How to Evaluate Quality Moonstone Quality?

Consider the three key factors of moonstone color, clarity, and cut and you can pick the perfect moonstone gem.

Color: Quality moonstone is characterized by near-transparency, no visible inclusions, and a vivid blue sheen. In addition, a lesser-quality moonstone can be brown, green, yellow, or gray.

Cut: Typically, moonstones are cut as cabochons, which is a great way to showcase the phenomenal colors of moonstones. Moonstone cabochons are usually oval and it is one of the most popular cuts.

Clarity: As with most gemstones, a good moonstone should be as free of inclusions as possible.

Why choose moonstone rings?

Moonstone rings have their allure and offer several benefits that make them an appealing choice. Here are some reasons why you might consider selecting a moonstone ring:

Ethereal Beauty: Moonstones are celebrated for their enchanting play of colors, which gives them a dreamy, otherworldly appearance. The billowy, bluish-white sheen just beneath the surface of the stone is truly captivating, making moonstone rings a stunning and distinctive choice.

Healing: Moonstone is believed to promote emotional balance and inner peace. Wearing a moonstone ring may help individuals manage stress, anxiety, and emotional fluctuations. It reduces stress and anxiety, providing a soothing effect on the mind and emotions. Therefore, it is often seen as a stone of calm and emotional healing.

Symbolism: Moonstone is also called “Lover’s Stone.” and it symbolizes love, peace, and reconciliation. In addition, it is often associated with the moon, femininity, emotional balance, and intuition. Wearing a moonstone ring symbolizes your unique love story and a way to enhance your romantic relationship.

14k Rose Gold Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring


This Vintage Moonstone Engagement Ring features intricate carvings in the band, resembling curved vines, adorned with moissanite accents, creating an artistic piece.

Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Rose gold


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage Halo Ring Diamond cluster ring Rose gold engagement ring art deco Bridal Promise ring gift for her

Yellow gold Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring Anniversary Promise Ring


Oval Moonstone engagement ring vintage yellow gold Diamond Cluster engagement ring Unique Half eternity wedding Anniversary promise ring

Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique White gold


Marquise cut Moonstone engagement ring vintage Unique engagement ring White gold Antique Opal engagement ring Anniversary promise ring

In conclusion

Whether you’re drawn to the moonstone because of its sheen, its metaphysical properties, or its rich symbolism, a moonstone ring can be a unique and treasured addition to your jewelry collection. Engagement rings are a reflection of your love and individuality, and a moonstone ring can capture that spirit in a truly enchanting way.