Aquamarine consists of two parts: “Aqua” means water and “Marine” means ocean. According to legend, it originates from the bottom of the sea and is the essence of sea water. Aquamarine is generally bright blue, green in the tone of blue, or gray, in short, the sea will have the color, plus its glass luster and purity, “Aquamarine treasure” name deserved. The ring worn by Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is the Aquamarine ring. It can be seen that aquamarine is a mysterious and ancient gem. In this article, we will uncover various puzzles of Aquamarine and take you to understand why it is popular.

Origin and History

Aquamarine is a product of the hydrothermal process, mostly from pegmatite geodes. Expert research shows that aquamarine is formed when gas and liquid fill cracks in the surrounding rock during the late stages of magmatic activity, so it has sufficient crystallization time to crystallize into larger single crystals. Aquamarine is geologically called a pegmatite. Its crystals are usually large and often wrapped by minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Therefore, aquamarine usually has some flaws inside and has the characteristics of a gemstone. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, symbolizing “calm and courage”, “happiness and longevity”. Aquamarine is mainly produced in Brazil, Madagascar, the United States and other places, with Minas Gerais in Brazil being the most famous origin. In China, aquamarine produced in Xinjiang and Yunnan is the best.

Ancient Uses of Aquamarine

The five elements of aquamarine belong to water, so it is most suitable for people who like water to use or wear the five elements. Legend has it that it was formed from the essence of sea water. In the past, because this legend is very much, navigators use it to pray for its navigation safety. The jeweled necklaces worn by seafarers in the past can be found to be mostly of this aquamarine. With the passage of time, but it is still quite popular in the market. When you feel confused and confused, you can use aquamarine to stick on the forehead for meditation, of course, you can also gently scrape the back of the head and the back of the neck, which helps to quickly restore fresh thinking, and can improve the ability to be aware and informed. Of course, it also has the power to hypnotize and suppress evil, so its magical effect has become the most valuable thing in the pharmaceutical industry. However, it should also be noted that aquamarine soaked water can cure eye diseases and diarrhea.

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The Legend of Aquamarine

In ancient Greek mythology, there is a wind god called Roland, handsome but humble status, and then he fell in love with a woman on earth, which was not allowed by the God world at that time, in order to be loyal to his love, he did not mind paying his life. Before dying, Roland begged Venus, the goddess of love, to seal his soul in aquamarine as the birthstone of the March birth, to help people find their own love. Therefore, people in Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine, so that they can have sweet love and maintain a happy marriage. So aquamarine is called the stone of love.

Another theory is that there is a group of mermaids living in the deep sea, they like to dress themselves with aquamarine, when they encounter danger, as long as the gem is exposed to the sun, you can get endless power. The sailors who go out to sea all the year round are convinced of this legend, and call aquamarine “sea God stone”, and they always take such gems with them every time they go out to sea, praying for the blessing of the sea god.

Contemporary Application and Value

Modern aquamarine is widely used in the jewelry industry, such as necklaces, rings, bracelet earrings and so on. Its excellent hardness of 8, can adapt to a variety of styles of cutting, and in daily wear is not easy to damage the stone itself. The aquamarine engagement ring is known as the timeless engagement ring: a refreshing alternative to diamonds, many couples choose aquamarine engagement rings. Its ethereal blue color not only symbolizes trust and harmony, but also gives people a unique feeling. Not only that, aquamarine is also loved by many British royals and nobles, and the jewelry of a huge moment can highlight the temperament of people. In addition to playing a role in decoration, Aquamarine also has a great effect in healing. One is the aquamarine Revival: the calming energy of aquamarine is incorporated into the healing, whether by injecting crystal water or placing the gemstone directly on the body in certain procedures. Another is vibration therapy: delve into how holistic therapists use aquamarine in sound and vibration therapy, believing that its frequency can enhance certain therapeutic effects. These two are the main applications and values of modern aquamarines.

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Aquamarine, the intoxicating dark blue, has been seen since ancient times as a symbol of strength and wisdom. It is not only fascinatingly beautiful, but also contains rich cultural and historical connotations. What makes aquamarine unique is its mysterious depth, as if it opens the door to the infinity of the universe. Whether as an ornament or a talisman, aquamarine carries the weight of ancient legends and stories, adding a touch of mystery to our lives. In our journey to find ourselves, let us explore with aquamarine, feel its profound beauty, and experience its mysterious history.