Everything in the world is constantly developing and evolving. From the simplest and simplest model in ancient times, it has slowly evolved from simplicity to complexity through the baptism of time, and has evolved into more and more advanced and convenient forms. This is not only true for us humans, but also for animals, plants and all kinds of things we use. The appearances and styles of engagement ring have developed a variety of designs over time. The style changes in engagement rings in each period are different. Based on people’s preference for ring styles, style changes in engagement rings suit each era at that time. This blog will start with the style changes of engagement rings in the past one hundred years and take you through the popular styles of engagement rings in various eras.


The 1920s were the golden age of the Art Deco movement, so style changes in engagement ring designs were often inspired by the movement. Rings may feature geometric patterns, abstract elements, or symmetrically arranged embellishments. This was a time when symmetrical cuts and cutting techniques were developing, so diamonds for engagement rings might come in a wider variety of cuts, such as pear, emerald, or oval cuts to give a more varied appearance. Engagement ring designs often emphasize geometric shapes such as square, rectangular or triangular. This geometric design makes the ring more modern and stylish.

Abstract elements engagement ring


The styles changes in engagement rings in the 1930s often reflected the social environment and economic conditions of the time. Due to the effects of the recession and the Great Depression, engagement ring designs may be more plain and functional, but still retain some decorative elements. Engagement rings may be designed with more emphasis on practicality and functionality. Rings may have a simple design with minimal embellishments or settings for an elegant and unobtrusive style, or they may have sturdy construction and materials to ensure their durability and long-term use.

Plain engagement ring


Due to the influence of World War II, style changes in engagement ring designs are often more plain and simple. The ring may have a simple design and avoid excessive decoration to reflect the economy and resource constraints of the time. In the shadow of war, people’s desire for family and belief in love may be even stronger. Therefore, some engagement ring designs may emphasize symbols of emotion and warmth, and people’s emphasis on traditional values and family has also increased. Therefore, some engagement rings may feature classical and traditional designs, such as elegant cuts and classic shapes, to emphasize family and stability values.

Plain engagement ring


In the 1950s, with the post-war economic recovery and social prosperity, style changes in engagement ring at this time were more luxurious and refined. The rings may use exquisite inlays and decorations, such as tiny diamond inlays, inscriptions or patterns, etc., usually in classic designs. Cuts and shapes such as round, princess or oval. In a romantic atmosphere, the engagement ring may also incorporate some romantic elements, such as flower designs. These classic designs make rings more elegant and timeless, suitable for a variety of styles and occasions.

Floral engagement ring


The 1960s were a time of color and diversity, so some style changes in engagement ring might feature a combination of gold and colored gemstones. These gemstones may include turquoise, sapphire, ruby, etc., adding a unique charm to the ring. Surrealist art was highly sought after in the 1960s, so some engagement rings may feature surreal design elements such as strange shapes and exotic decorations to show a unique style. Despite the popularity of some novel design styles in the 1960s, some people still prefer simple yet elegant engagement rings. These rings may feature simple designs that focus on functionality.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


In the 1970s, gold continued to be one of the popular ring materials, and engagement rings may use a combination of gold and gemstones. The 1970s was an era of anti-tradition and liberation. Some people chose bold and exaggerated designs to show their individuality, while retro styles became popular again. Some people choose engagement rings in vintage styles, such as Art DecoVictorian or Edwardian. People are increasingly choosing colored gemstones as the main stones for engagement rings, with sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other colored gemstones becoming popular choices.

Retro Moissanite engagement ring


The 1980s was an era of luxury and prosperity, and people pursued a luxurious and gorgeous lifestyle. Therefore, large diamonds and gold have become popular choices for engagement rings. The ring may feature large, bright and sparkling diamonds. White gold became more popular during this period compared to gold. The brilliance and elegance of white gold make it an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Engagement rings in the 1980s may feature intricate settings and embellishments, such as tiny diamond settings, patterns, or decorative details. These details add to the design of the ring.

Gold engagement ring


As in previous decades, the combination of white gold and diamonds remains a classic choice for style changes in engagement ring. The elegance of white gold and the timeless beauty of diamonds make it a popular choice. In the 1990s, some special shapes of diamond cuts became popular, such as oval, pear, heart, etc. These non-traditional shaped diamonds give the engagement ring more personality. The 1990s was an era of personalization and self-expression, so some people chose to customize their engagement rings. Personalized designs could include engraving, personalized shapes and styles, etc.

Round cut engagement ring


White gold remains one of the most popular ring materials, and its combination with diamonds remains popular. The pure and timeless color of white gold complements the sparkle of diamonds. In the 2000s, some engagement rings featured multi-stone designs, such as three-stone rings or five-stone rings. This design not only adds to the visual impact of the ring, but also symbolizes past, present and future commitments. Personalized and customized engagement ring designs became increasingly popular in the 2000s. People can customize the ring according to their preferences and personality requirements to show their personality and unique love story.

Three stone engagement ring


Halo rings were very popular in the 2010s. This design has a center diamond or gemstone surrounded by a ring of small diamonds, which enhances the overall brilliance and brilliance. Retro and antique-style engagement rings are once again popular. Three-stone rings are another popular option that include a center diamond and smaller diamonds on the sides. This design symbolizes past, present and future love, so it is very popular among couples. Personalized engagement rings have also become popular due to people’s pursuit of personalization and unique style. Couples can customize a unique engagement ring based on their preferences and style.

Halo Engagememnt Ring


Since the 2020s, minimalism has become one of the popular trends. Style changes in engagement ring may focus more on simple, clear designs that emphasize pure lines and geometric shapes. As concerns about sustainability increase, more couples may also choose engagement rings that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. This may include using recycled metals, rhinestones or other eco-friendly materials. And personalization is still a popular trend.

Halo Engagement Ring


Style changes in engagement rings in each era reflect the historical background and era characteristics behind that era, and each era has its own style characteristics. Through the changes in engagement ring styles over the past hundred years, we can roughly understand the living conditions, thoughts and emotions of people at that time. We can also learn from this article as a reference for the engagement ring style we want. For example, Solitaire, Halo or colored gemstones mentioned in the article. The most important thing is to choose a style that suits you.